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What does a girl from Aurora, Colorado have to say about Chicago? Not much, but so much at the same time.  Nancy has only been to Chicago a few times. But how many times do you need to go to Chicago to fall in love with it?

Chicago is special. You fall in love with yourself in Chicago. The You part of the title is up for interpretation.

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In its lyrical prose and empathetic poetry, Nancy Viera is many people. She is the lover who has left her heart in another country. She is the mountain, where flowers grow, freeze, die, but find a way to bloom again. She is the smell of a grandmother’s cottage, the pain of a childhood memory, the brush of a curl that can’t fit into straight lines. She is the rough hands of a mother, the fire of romance lost in a dream, the silhouette of tiny jars that catch our feelings when “we sin, we love, we move on.”

Beautifully crafted, each poem is delivered with rawness and grace

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In this memoir, Nancy Viera tells her story of resilience, healing, and moving forward with grief in one hand, and happiness in the other. Her son’s father passed away unexpectedly in 2016 at age 33. He had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression years before that, as a result of four years in a war zone. At the time of his death their son, James was six years old, and Nancy was the one to break his heart with the news. It shattered her to see his pain. In losing Jim, Nancy finds healing and learns how to parent through grief interwoven with happiness.

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Nancy Viera is a multi-hyphenated artist and cultural worker with an energetic dedication to serve her community. She is the author of a memoir, The Grief and The Happiness, and has written two poetry collection, Silhouettes. and Chicago and You. She is also the host of City Silhouettes, a local artist showcase. Viera writes both in English and Spanish. Her work has been showcased at the Denver Art Museum.

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Photograph by Ashley Reed

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